Thursday, November 24, 2022

Foodie Foodie To The Max!

Nigeria Food Industry: 
Developing the Gastronomy Sector  

Hahahahaha, when they start to bastardize the foood.
Eating pounded yam with fork and knife etc etc 

Another commandment in my mind sha, is that just as women were 'empowered' to do all the work and nobody disturbed them, let women be empowered to collect the money in the updated food (abi na gastronomique) industry. That's all.

Ok, let's talk about food.  
Periwinkle.  Okhazi.  
Eba.  Banga.  Tuwo.  Garri, straight up.  
Mango.  Pineapple past, present, and future.  
Small chops.  Fried rice.  ...  Aadun.  Gurudi.  Agbalumo.  
... everything nice. 

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Iyan l'ounje ... (tell me more)

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