Friday, May 27, 2005


Welcome to Money Talk.
This is a place to get and share ideas and support on matters ranging from money and career to business and economic development.

On access:
ANYONE, member or not, may post a COMMENT on this site.
However, to CREATE new posts, you must be a blog team member.
This involves two steps:
1. be invited to be a Money Talk blog team member. Please email if interested.
2. register for a blogger account

On content:
I envision that we'll have mostly comments, like ten to a hundred comments per post. To help organize all this content, I'll probably create a summary post every month or quarter-year that classifies and links to various parts of the blog.

On privacy:
Remember that this forum is entirely public, so enjoy responsibly :)

EDITING, September 07, 2015:  Welcome to UpNaira / Money Talk, the hub for money, career, business, and economic development.  Go ahead, read, comment, and share.  Enjoy responsibly :)


Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

the and marketwatch are good websites

t said...

Thanks a lot for the leads, Busayo.
I'm inclined to link only one of the two sites, and, since they appear similar. Do you think marketwatch should bump msnmoney off our list of links? why? if you strongly think we should have both, why is this?
meanwhile, this is a decent article on, saying that financial news is somewhat useless for investing. somewhat. i agree.

Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

Sure. If the genie is out of the bag you are better off not investing based on the genie. However, have the guru -Jim Cramer's show for your listening pleasure, he is good. You he does a lot of forecasting and if you believe him you can cash in. Marketwatch...umn, I would pass.

t said...

It looks like I didn't put the link to the article referred to in above here it is
Thanks. One of these days I'll find the Cramer show.

Anonymous said...

I think is another great money related forum.

t said...

Thanks, Anonymous.
There is some really good content on gotalkmoney forums, particularly in the first categories under "General Money."

The other categories are potentially useful, but not quite.

t said...

i just deleted 100s of spam comments from this space, phew. Much cleaner now.

t said...

I'll have to see if I can close comments on this post - it keeps getting illuminati invitations (spam comments)

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