Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Trade Secret of Fast Money Traders

This is from a program called Fast Money on CNBC - I find myself agreeing with most of the approaches/rules they lay out. This seems to be a synopsis of what I have read on how to trade, I will be interested to know which one of these rules you agree or disagree with:

Trade Secret of the Fast Money Traders
1) Double tops or Double Bottoms - it is a visual thing; double top or bottom gives you your stop loss level
2) Short interest especially when you are looking at a double bottom
3) Short interest watching for when the news is out and shorts have to cover
4) Follow the momentum, fundamental momentum of the business e.g. specialty retail look at comparable same store sales
5) SPDY - 10,20,50 day moving averages when they cross to the upside, it is a buy signal (all three moving )
6) Chart patterns - head and shoulders (inverted shoulder - stock goes up)- a sign the stock is about to drop
7) Screen for short term trades, understand the criteria for old economy stock or growth stock e.g. Secular trend, SG&A and earnings growth
8) Sector - if a stock is performing intraday of the sector, short sell the worst performer in a good performing sector

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