Friday, November 28, 2014

Six Questions with musician Le'mmon

Le'mmon may be (just) under-30 but he is already an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, and producer.  With his silky smooth voice, fun-but-mature themes, and classic R&B aesthetic, this Nigeria-based musical artiste may just become one of your favourite.
Twitter: @lemmonchukwu
A brief history of Le'mmon: A true Lagosian, born to an Igbo father and Yoruba mother.  Real name Vincent Osuagwu.  A former church boy, was in the choir at eight.  Won Most Creative Student In Art award in school.  Le'mmon is notable for stubbornly producing different flavours of Rhythm and Blues music throughout the 21st century.  He will make you listen! 
Listen to Vintage Le'mmon.  I love That's All.
Q1: If you couldn't be a musician...
I would still be in the art world. Fine arts.  Or maybe military.

Q2: Best and worst things about your job?
Imagine a world without music!  The best thing is that my work touches people's lives everyday.
Also, music is a profession, so personal growth and career satisfaction are the other best things about my job.
Live at the Civic Center
The worst thing, however, is that in Nigeria there isn't enough support - opportunities, mentoring, management, and resources - for talented artistes.  Nobody wants to build from scratch with a talented nobody... It's different overseas.
Also, instead of perceiving a newcomer as a source of inspiration and fresh ideas, most established and successful artistes who ought to help these newcomers see them as a threat and in turn refuse any call for help.
Past EP projects: Rejected By All, Heart On Paper, and more. I have two dozen Le'mmon tracks and keep discovering more.

Q3: Studio Rat or Stage Bunny?  Lol.
 I consider myself more of a studio rat because it's a world that knows no limit in terms of creativity and production especially in this part of the world where we don't have the best technology for stage/analog production.
Q4: Tell us about the album...
 I have no album for now but I'm putting out a mixtape titled #10,000hours in early or mid 2015 which is a compilation of carefully selected songs showing my prowess as a songwriter, producer and a sound engineer from the start to the present.
Coming soon: #10000HOURS

Q5: Your top 5 artistes? 
John Lennon  
because of how he'd make a song so simple with his lyrics and he was a rule breaker and therefore changed music without knowing he was. 
Fela Kuti  
for stamping it hard on musicians especially from Africa and Nigeria  that music knows no language.
Frank Sinatra 
for his timeless voice and "never give up" spirit through his rejected times coming up as a back up vocalist.
2face idibia 
for being a great source of inspiration to Nigerian artiste who celebrate his longevity and ability to move along trend as they change over the years in the industry.
Robin Thicke 
for his strong will to succeed in a pop-dominated music industry that saw him work hard for 17yrs before he got his big break with the hit song "lost without you"

Q6: Three rules you live by? 
Mom, Music, Money and in that order's self explanatory..those are the things I devote my heart to and love as I grow as a person...They keep me grounded...
Listen to Le'mmon Heart On Paper
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Uber taxi app is just an app

In Uber: What could possibly go wrong , Rick Bookstaber claims that the app is "only mildly innovative" and that if existing limo and taxi companies put out a "meta-app" the new company might be in trouble.  Other risks for the $18billion start-up include increased regulation, and new technology that will remove the need for drivers altogether
This is Uber: Get a taxi, private car or rideshare from your mobile phone. Uber connects you with a driver in minutes. Use the app in cities around the world. 
The use of 'non-Uber' taxi mobile-apps has already taken off in Nigeria. 

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