Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Really simple inventions

Let's talk about zippers and fasteners, glues and dyes:
This Japanese company is 80 years old and makes half the zippers on earth.
  Velcro was invented by an engineer fascinated at how plant parts got stuck to his clothes and his dog's fur.  One side is smooth VELvet, the other has CROtchet hooks - get it?
Dyes: the colour in the world's products
The idea for Post-It's came to a scientist in church - on the one hand his page-markers kept falling out of his hymn book, on the other hand there was an adhesive that was too weak to use as a reliable glue, he put them together and made a great success! 

Some questions:
How does one learn to pay attention i.e. to be creative?
Where are the opportunities for invention in our environment now - in the kitchen, at the office, through the window, on a website, in answer to a personal request? 
Where/when is the money - this year, next year, never, forever - and the desire to follow-through on good ideas? 

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