Thursday, June 09, 2005

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Ogo said...

Fairly young female lawyer, from Anambra state in Nigeria (and so proud of it). Currently studying in the UK. Not much of a money or business 'person', but hoping to learn a lot here from these bright and knowledgeable people...have started learning already! Sometimes I log on as Anonymous either because I'm lazy or have forgotten my password (or both)...but I'm trying to stop that now. t, anything else we need to share??

t said...

I'm Nigerian, a woman, 24, first-born, Taurus. I have three sisters and a brother. My parents and brother live in Nigeria. I'm in grad school. Someday I'll be a prof. I've always loved math. Now I like many other things, too. And lots of people.
My undergrad was at Howard University. Secondary school was at Queen's College in Lagos. Primary school was at St. Mary's Private School, in Lagos. I'm told that I went to Childville Nursery School in Yaba, Lagos.
I love my life.
I'm excited about talking to my friends and learning from them on this blog. I'm also excited about having them meet one another and have enjoyable interactions.
Much love. t.

Shola said...

I am a Nigerian guy, 30 years old, working as a product manager while figuring out what to do next. My passion is economics (macro and developmental), I like technology and I know a tiny wee bit about business, enough to know how much I don't know I guess.
I am excited to be invited to join this blog by tosin to share and learn from some really amazing people.

Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...
I'm Nigerian Male, born on September 21..I was born in Ibadan and lived most of my life in Ibadan, Warri and Lagos. My family reside in both Ibadan and Warri- I have two sisters : my best pals and arteries. I Attended MaryHill Convent School for Primary education, Delta Careers College Warri for secondary, and did some two years at University of Lagos (Greatest Akokites!) studying Civil Engr. I graduate with a first degree in Electrical this December from Prairie View A&M University Texas. I hope to go on to Georgia Tech for grad school plus MBA. Umn..let us see, I love writing (I write for and , golfing and swimming. This is a great avenue for great minds...I love it...keep up the good job y'all (as we are wont to say in the South). Be cool.

umc said...

Male, Mechanical Engineering student in Germany(we got Bsc-Msc kinda opposite system)working towards mult.Ingenieur for today.
Obosi indigene.

Interests in Astronautical-, Manufacturing-,Materials-,Metallurgical-, Energy-,Plastics-,Shipbuilding-,Textiles-, Microsystems-,and Railway Engineering/technology
Many other interests may come.

Ifako international primary school
International secondary school
Adebayo Mokuolu College
Zinnia College (grad: 96 year infact 95 year, already did ssce right? yea)

Right, I had to change high schools for silly/funny reasons like ...we are going to be pioneers here, then sometime it was ...this school is/sounds great(great allumni) later it was...too much cainning I can't stay here.

Yea, naughty naughty baby (like we all sometime were!)

September 11, 2005 12:27 PM ...was the same comment basically, my english has confilct with my german on grammer

Kunmi said...

well, I'm t's younger sister, and after her pesty, pesky unsolicited emails and advertisements on my webspace, I decided to check out her modest attempt at being like me. I am Nigerian, 22, and working on a masters in computer science & applications at Virginia Tech. From this site, I hope to learn what to do with all my money. My matress is getting overloaded; I have to find a new place to stack my wads.

t said...


After five years working towards a Ph.D. in Control and Dynamical Systems, I decided to take a leave of abscence (and a Masters degree) from Caltech and head for the job market.

I have had the good fortune of being invited to train as a currency trader and as a test-preparation tutor, both in San Francisco, California. With training already underway, work proper should begin in a few weeks. (I'm still on the job market in the US, since I need to get a visa-sponsoring job in a few months.)

I'm still very excited about Money Talk and its utility as a marketplace of ideas and support relating to money, career, business, and economic development.

Long term, I'm looking forward to having zero money problems, and to helping people and countries find economic success.

Benin "Mwangi" said...

Quite a background you've got there...I can see that it makes for a very strong point of view, plus the experience to back it up. And by the way, thanks for the visit!

I will be back. And am blogrolling your site. Will follow up with you, as well.

Anonymous said...

Just checking to confirm I can post,

Anonymous said...

Hi T,
Still trying to get a hang of it,I'll get there.....The site still seems a bit complicated....

wnirungu said...

My name is Wilson Irungu and I am glad Tosin invited me to this Blog. I am a student at Stanford University and we are hosting an African Business Conference on the 28th of April. This will be an amazing event and we are all looking forward to it. Check out our site at and let me know if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

well, im akin, a nigerian by birth and every right,born december 7th 1983, a 400 level in federal university of technology akure studying Applied, presently undergoing industrial training at elf petroleum a young entrepeneur who believes in empowering youths to take charge in every area of life.due to my melancholic attitude, im involved in a lot of things i presently work as a buisness developmental manager in a small company which deals with web consultancy.i have a flare for strategic marketing and after graduation i will possibly go for a double masters in geophysics and petroleum economics.i have a penchant for entertainment, travelling and community a basketball freak and i love to talk constructively.

Patricia M. Daboh said...

I am an African American woman residing in South Carolina. Recently, I flew to Lagos, Nigeria and married a wonderful Nigerian man. Last week, he and my stepson were approved to come to the United States, and I am looking forward to being reunited. I loved Nigeria--even with all of its imperfections (severe poverty, lack of adequate sanitation and transportation system, lack of education for ALL children, and electrical outages). I am praying for a better Nigeria, and I plan to do as much as I can to see that happens! I am an educator, in which I recently changed to this profession in the past two years, but I find it extremely rewarding. I love reading anything I can get my hands on about Nigeria. I also love Nigerian movies!

lagosbabe said...

I am Kemi and was a classmate of Tosin in Queen's College. I have been a slient visitor on this site on several occassions. Finally decided to come out after all the solicited emails for T (LOL).

T, you've got quite an interesting blog with some pretty good articles.

Tope said...

My name is Tope. I am a Nigerian man in his late twenties. I read about Tosin long ago in Nigerian newspapers before finally meeting her in person. She had the overall best result in WASSCE (WAEC) examinations during her final year in secondary/high school. She is a nice girl and very brilliant too. I have lived all my life in Nigeria until January 2006 when I moved to the UK. I moved to USA in Sept 2006. I am currently a graduate student at Stanford University, California.

'Dele Oluwade said...

Its reaaly nice getting connected here, courtesy of T. I originally read about her in the nigerian dailies around 1996, about her superlative performance in the SSCE. Providence later made us to become acquainted. Well, about me? Simply a student of nature, always fascinated about inquiries on natural and so-called 'metaphysical phenomena',especially on their interactions. I have been interested, for relatively many years, on inquiries on such themes as oneiorology(study of dream and dream experiences),thanatology/eschatology(death and death-bed experiences) and demonology/psychical research in general. Don't be surprised to hear that my inquiry started in the first term of my final year( form 5) at COMPRO, Comprehensive High School Aiyetoro,Ogun State the 1st comprehensive college in Nigeria(However, I was born in Ado-Ekiti, though I hail from Ondo State). Note that the school was established in 1963 by the Western Nigerian government in partnership with Ford Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development(USAID).So, I can substantially ascribe early interest in these studies to the school and the richness of my father's private library. Also, don't be surprised about me if you get to know that I hold a doctorate in computer science, and not directly in the above areas!!(I also hold a masters in mathematics). But if you ask me, I would say I regard my doctorate to be indirectly connected to my real interest on the interactions among theology, philosophy and science. Well, I hope to give more detail about me and my philosophy of life in due course. For now, I say bravo to Tosin for this innovation. I hope this site may be used to translate some of my intangible ideas to money!!!!

taiwo otits said...

well my name is taiwo, i am the sister to kunmi whose the sister to t....heheheh international business major at howard, i have plans to be a magazine mogul with the likes of dele momodu, hes my role model....i also love to help children, i love children with a passion, so hopefully i intend to own my organization to help the less fortunate pple. Love my family to bitttt...shout to my best brother in the wORLD...FEMI OTITOJU, luv ya to pieces. Right now am working with my sister, Tosin on her blog. Hopefully it does well as aspected.

ChinMan said...

Hey T:
Finally joined. Thanks for the invite, I look forward to a great experience here. I had the rare honor and privelege to attend the same college with her to study for the same program. She was a wonderful mentor to me when I entered the Electrical Engineering Program at Howard University and a great role model. She is a delight to be around; very intellectually curious, social, incredibly humble and modest, and amiable. Proud of her achievements and even prouder to count her as a Friend along with her wonderful family. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, to her surprise, I have gradually left the Engineering Field and pursuing a career in International Development by God's Grace. Looking forward to meeting people, sharing ideas, learning from you, and contributing to the great intellectual debate on developing and enhancing a sustainable economy in developing countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. I humbly submit, Take Care and God Bless.

t said...

Still learning and LOVING it. Working at a software company in Cairo from January till July of this year...ask me about it if you're curious. Got the gig through AIESEC.

Writing a novel this year. It's titled The Walls of Jericho.

Also looking forward to spending a lot of the next year or two in Nigeria and the Middle East tackling the biggest projects I can find ... world peace, NEPA/electricity and internet/satellite, teaching math, ah yes, finishing the PhD.

aaola said...

My name is Dolapo Olanrewaju 33 male Nigerian! Basic undergraduate degree in Physics Education with Sub minors in Atmospheric physics and Counseling.
Well Taught physics tutorial for 3 years and now preparing for my grad studies in Psychology. what else?

Anonymous said...

My name is Nosakhare Imuwahen, am 27 and a proud Nigerian to the core. A born mathematician who deviated to study Biochemistry(just to learn about the molecular basis and processes of life- am back now). I first heard about T in 1996 and followed up her achievements in Howard. I use her as a model for other youths (i work with many of them) even though she has never honoured my friendship call. I love this site and hope to contribute to it. Presently am trying to solve some of the world's most difficult math questions while creating others, i love computing more than food, i write alot(music and articles) and am into web and software design. thats all for now.

moyo said...


9jaHope said...

Hi,This is Michael again. . . long time,I now have an idea or two about blogging. I cuurently work out of bahrain 7 I just created 2 blogs myself,hope you all joing into the discussion.


DonCasiragi said...

Guess, I had to update that. 2005 is now a long time ago.

Now working as a Project Manager with an Oil/Gas concern..doing consulting mostly. I have since completed my Grad studies too..side by side working (phew!)

In the past few years, my focus has been getting some real experience but I have lately turned my attention to doing that next big thing. While I am working on my professional (read back up plan) certifications at the moment, I am also seeding couple of start ups mostly in W/Africa.

Am excited about these projects and just some shameless plug ins: a innovation services firm in Lagos ( ) , an energy services concern in Takoradi, Ghana ( ) and assisting with growing the family business to that next place where it all comes together eventually...central to this is building a secondary school where entrepreneurship is incorporated in the curriculum ( .

My passion remains turning simple ideas into commercial miracles, and I hope to pursue that for good in few years when I finish working on tightening the lose ends of my back up plan- which I am living now.

What did you give back lately?

Footsteps said...

Background&Skilled in Design, Experience in Human Resources, Passionate about Continual Development, Potential Maximization & Financial Growth, Committed to Jesus.

Olubukola Ogunfayo

t said...

Time for an update. The past three years have yielded:

Six blogs alive and kicking,
Six Poetry collections for your reading,
Two years teaching engineering in Nigerian universities,
a stint in management at

Currently writing fiction.

Maybe I'll do that pesky PhD someday. Because I'm worth it.

Glow said...

I'm a consultant and like to think in bullet points (PowerPoint overload) so here goes:
• Education:
o Born on September 21 in Lagos. I don’t believe in astrology, so don’t stereotype me as a typical Virgo with Libran tendencies.
o Primary education in Chrisland School, Opebi. I was that quiet girl who won prizes every year.
o Secondary education in Nigerian Air Force Secondary School, Ikeja. After following the road less traveled into commercial class (to the angst of my teachers who saw me as a medical doctor/engineer), I graduated after serving as the Deputy Head Girl.
o Tertiary education in University of Nigeria, Nsukka. After initially vacillating between studying Literature or Accounting, studying in UNN or UNILAG, and staying home or going abroad, I finally put my nose to the grindstone and graduated @ the top of my class with a First Class degree in Accounting from UNN.
• Experience:
o NYSC @ Gombe/Abuja. I won the Miss NYSC beauty pageant in Gombe. Not because I was the tallest/prettiest but because I kept smiling at the judges ☺ Also, I got all my questions right. I served at EFCC Abuja (after redeploying and abdicating my throne) and wrote a book on corruption.
o Brief stint as an investment banker
o Long-ish (5 year) stint as a management consultant in Accenture. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. The travel, the long nights, the constant challenges. Had a great time and distinguished myself as the first Nigerian to win the global Addo Agnotio award
o Lured away from Accenture by the siren song of oil money and the glamour of independence ☺ Worked in NLNG for a year
o Worked in BAT on an exciting project. Won the Warlord Award (Another award – so glad I was named Glory.)
o Currently in academia as a Research Manager @ Lagos Business School
• Personal:
o Religion: Roman Catholic. I converted as an adult @ 24 and I’ve loved every minute. I will tell you the story one day (Or better yet, I’ll write about it)
o Hobby: Blogging. I have 2 active blogs: and
o Personality: INFP according to MBTI. The Idealist. Same personality as Shakespeare and the Blessed Virgin Mary
o Ethnicity: Igbo
o Birth position: Second child, first girl
o Favorite thing about Tosin: Her unique blend of giftedness and humility

It’s a wrap!

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