Friday, September 28, 2007

Giving back (Re: Ola's rant Re: Funmi Iyanda's rant)

You want to save the world. You can't wait. You want to give your time and energy to helping people who are less privileged. You can't understand how other people go on in life doing their self-serving jobs. You want to start a charity organization, or build the meta-charity organization. You want to source donations and connect urgent needs with resources.
You are not alone.

Check out the links above: and the Craigslist Foundation.
These tools will help you on your way to becoming a charity/non-profit professional - everything from how to start, and connections to like-minded people, to IT tools and support.
Inspired by Ola (where are you?) and Funmi and...many other awesome men and women.

Oh, and if you work in a non-profit organization or wish to, Post a Comment to mix and mingle. Be heard.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Trump the teacher

The Trump University promotes learning by doing, and the Trump blog has some comments and insights from the diverse faculty.
Find any treasure on the blog? Find any use for the university? Let us know: Post a Comment. Peace.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Women Work

Many women deal with this problem of not having help for their full-time jobs: at work as well as at home. The experience varies but holds in general, for richer or poorer women, all over the world. As a grad student among brilliant research professionals, I heard a lot of worries from colleagues about how the profession was designed without regard for women (no surprise, since women were not at the table at all until recently.)

My thought was always, just do what you want. If some dumb system won't offer you maternity leave, well, leave if you need to and if they can't figure out a way to accommodate you, you take your brilliant self and do something brilliant anyway. Stop being frustrated with misogynistic traditions; take some power and happiness for yourself.

- This post was originally written on Tuesday, August 14, while watching a really cool feature on Oprah about Women at Work.
- Post a Comment: What are women/men/employers/institutions doing to improve quality-of-life?
- Read Women's Lunch Talk, a great blog about Women in the Workplace. Tell us the most useful post you found!

Internet Languages

Wikipedia, Google Search, Google Blogger, other e-utilities ...currently support more than 170 languages. Translations into most of these languages are done by volunteers from around the world who are eager to help people view and search the web in their own native language. To facilitate how we go about getting these languages, we created a volunteer translation program. (Read More, courtesy Googleblog.)

Following the news from original source with the help of translators is not just the future, it is now. I love the potential of automatic translators for communicating across borders. BlogCFA is meant to tap into the Money-Talk-minded Francophone. It urgently needs bloggers, lest it die so young. Please don't let this happen. Be a blogger or invite a blogger. Feedback and suggestions welcome.

Africa may house HUNDREDS of languages, but with maybe six, most people can communicate. Which Six? How would you arrange a virtual forum that works?

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