Friday, September 28, 2007

Giving back (Re: Ola's rant Re: Funmi Iyanda's rant)

You want to save the world. You can't wait. You want to give your time and energy to helping people who are less privileged. You can't understand how other people go on in life doing their self-serving jobs. You want to start a charity organization, or build the meta-charity organization. You want to source donations and connect urgent needs with resources.
You are not alone.

Check out the links above: and the Craigslist Foundation.
These tools will help you on your way to becoming a charity/non-profit professional - everything from how to start, and connections to like-minded people, to IT tools and support.
Inspired by Ola (where are you?) and Funmi and...many other awesome men and women.

Oh, and if you work in a non-profit organization or wish to, Post a Comment to mix and mingle. Be heard.

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t said...

Lola wrote this and I'm posting on her behalf:
After reading a recent post in Funmi Iyanda's blog I was moved and compelled to share the story.

If you feel the need to act after reading the story, here are some charities working with kids in Naija that you can support:

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