Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A woman of substance

Follow the links to read a long and inspiring interview with a courageous Nigerian lady named Funmi.
Page 1: "Nigerians need to connect for change"
Page 2: "My parting word is that I want Nigerians to stop talking and start doing.
And we need to stop pointing fingers."

Me, I'm working on my five - percent, slowly but hopefully, which takes us back to the questions asked here many months ago: when you give, do you give in secret, or do you show it off? I think in future, I'll publicly document my five percent, like write a list of major donations online or something. Not this year though. Comments?


Ola said...

I watched the "Building a Dream" Primetime special and I was brought to tears at the same time I was ashamed. Building a Dream. It is amazing the kind of economic development one woman is stirring up in South African. Think about the jobs that are being created due to this school been built. (Carpenters, teachers, tailors, cooks, contractors, gardeners, cleaners and so on)
I was ashamed knowing that were I come from "Nigeria" there are many capable people that could give back in that way but I am yet to see that, and am not talking about "feeding" them. I am talking about giving back in ways that would make a difference 20/30 years from now. I know we need to stop talking and start giving back. Maya Angelo said, "Everyone has a chance to be somebody". I want to able to give back and inspire people to give back in ways that makes someone "SOMEBODY".
I don't have the money or influence Oprah does, but I am going to continue to nurture my passion for people and to give back in ways I am passionate about. One way I do that is through a Non-Profit Business Promotion and Networking Forum I hold twice a year. I say find ways that truly inspire you to give back.

t said...

Dear Ola, I feel your pain. Please let us all know more about your Non-Profit promotion and other projects, when appropriate.

In particular, do you know ways of encouraging giving, and how do you intend to do it?
What has your experience been with this work so far? Lessons to share?
Are there resources you need to help you make your dream a reality - e.g. connections to other people with similar goals?
What do you think about "five percent" and how would you promote it? (you can consider this hypothetically if you prefer. but you are also urged to consider it REAL-ly and let's all do it.)

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