Friday, May 04, 2012

Produce. Produce. Produce!

How shall we share the national cake?  
Chop I chop?
I before others?
Resource control?
x% derivation?
Federal character?

Wole Soyinka says everybody should start baking, so-to-speak; and shut up about "sovereign national conferences" already.  (Source):
"Each regional grouping should, by its policies, declare an uncompromising developmental autonomy – I repeat, Autonomy - leaving the centre only with its competence provenance – foreign policy, national security and inter-state affairs...  
Let each regional grouping and its member states single-mindedly project and pursue their strategies for the enhancement of the quality of life and the dignity of their peoples, quarry into their resources to extract the material required for their very existence, material that they can exchange among one another based on their spatial developmental advantages..."

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