Thursday, February 21, 2019

Megacities, from Baghdad to Seoul  

The next 15 megacities

is a fifteen-part feature that includes:

The next 15 megacities #2: Could Dar es Salaam’s experiment with Africa’s first ‘gold standard’ bus rapid transit system offer an alternative to a future dependent on private cars?

The next 15 megacities #8: Photographer Sean Smith captures the extremes of life in the Angolan capital.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Elections coming up.

Can you blame them?

Click to study the candidates and electoral landscape in "Will Nigerians choose the devil, the deep blue sea, or the open road, for President" in Pulse.NG.   Photographed are the major THIRD WAY candidates for the presidency.

Remember: It's not only presidential elections coming up.
Don't forget to use your voice and vote your choice in your state and local government area:

If you're voting in Eti Osa Local Government area of Lagos State, under House of Representatives, kindly press your hand on umblerra broom, lion, that is, vote for Ferdinand Adimefe, ANN candidate.
Eti Osa covers Ajah, Lekki, Ikoyi, V.I. and so on.
Also on the ballot running for the same position is Bankole Wellington (entertainment-entrepreneur, singer-songwriter Banky W) with MDP.  Modern Democratic Party is one of our youth parties, as per #NotTooYoungToRun is becoming a reality, so please support MDP also.
There are candidates from the two major parties also, and at least one female candidate - Tessy Owolabi of SDP, Social Democratic Party.  We need more women reps, so when you vote, please support women in all the open positions. 

Click for details of how candidates for Eti-Osa constituency of Lagos State performed at the House of Reps debate

Please don't just vote mindlessly, this is an opportunity to elect OUR OWN PERSON to the House of Reps.

All the candidates are OK, but if you vote for Ferdy/ANN/Lion, I will give you tom-tom 😄😁😜.  Also, I feel you will be very proud of your vote if that's who you choose.
Do you intend to vote?  
Plan ahead.  
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Monday, February 11, 2019

She Leads Africa with all the #wisdom

Play Music: High-Life by Jesse Jagz ft. Rexx
from the 2014 album Royal Niger Company (Jagz Nation Volume II)

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