Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thanks for the Introduction

Tosin, I just wanted to say thank you for the introduction. Also, what is happening here on the Money Talk blog is really exciting and I feel very happy to be a part of it.

To all of the readers of Money Talk hello, I am really looking forward to meeting you and having many meaningful conversations about business in Africa and particularly in Nigeria. Whereas, when I'm writing on my blog, The Benin Epilogue, the focus is on entrepreneurship in Africa; for now, I think that my focus here might be on Fair Trade. Over the past year, this is an area that has gradually begun to capture my attention.

In closing, Happy blogging to all and by all means let's everybody feel free to chime in with your comments and we can "go to work"!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sustainability, Nigeria buildings, and Nigeria Electric Power

Miss America on Monday
News dispatch from Nir. Thanks, Nir.
The current Miss Rhode Island, Allison Rogers, promotes global warming awareness, and writes on this site, itsgettinghotinhere.org. She'll be competing in the Miss America pageant on Monday.

Material-cheap Building
My father lamented long ago about how Nigerian homes are over-designed and modern homes use way too much materials. He was contrasting the concrete and marble duplexes of Lagos with the lighter, simpler homes in the United States.

I wonder if green-building has taken hold in tropical areas with similar needs.

If you're looking for a hobby and like architecture, green-building just rocks! And they have nifty magazines and jobs; there is a thriving community of (eco-)architects with various interpretations of sustainable building. These range from using less material and using more natural or biodegradable materials, to using natural light/ventilation/heat and integrating more nature/scenery. Please add links to great eco-building sources...Nir knows a lot about this?

Basic Electricity
In this day and age in Nigeria, people would really appreciate sustainability in their electrical power supply. Why this is not already a solved problem is a small mystery. To all Power-detectives: I'll be posting all I find about solving the Nigeria Electricity Problem. I need a lot of help with this project, so give all you can.

Welcome, Welcome

Also, note a couple of new people in the community. They both write blogs that are sisters of UPNAIRA/Money Talk:
One is the writer of one of my favourite links, Timbuktu Chronicles, where hundreds of African businesses are profiled. It's an utterly beautiful piece of work.

The other is Benin, the author of an Africa Business blog-magazine that even features cool entrepreneur interviews.

They, and all private readers and blog contributors are all very welcome. Peace and love.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy 2007 to you!!!

I just saw a TV show this morning titled Rob Black and your Money, on which the host answers callers' money questions.

He's really good. His context is the American system, but I believe all audiences can learn something precious.

For the FREE webcasts, visit robblack.com - click on "media" - or even better, visit his page on KRON4, the Bay area's news station.

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