Friday, October 28, 2005

Free trade?

EU Trade Barriers Kill
This is a very long pdf paper, 14 pages, and is about International Trade, mostly it argues that trade barriers are bad. If you have any responses / thoughts, let's hear them...thanks. I found it here.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Test Trading

I remember a while back a posting on what will you do with $2000. And I think a couple of people mentioned investing. What will you do with $100,000?
Which lead me to this post, I do tivo Jim Cramer's mad money, although I usually end up seeing one or two episodes per week. Anyways, there is this new competition that let you match your wits with other traders with play money at -

Here is my proposition - if you are interested, why don't you register
More importantly why don't you post your rationale for your trades here on this blog.

I think this would be fun, just to 1) Improve knowledge of investing and trading 2) Learn about your investment style and personality 3) Risk taker or risk averse etc. and 4) just fun.

Games start Oct 6th. Happy Trading

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