Saturday, May 13, 2006

4 Words to Live by

The 4 Best Words of Investing Advice
Some of you may enjoy this insightful piece of advice over at Motley Fool.
In a nutshell, the author states the following with regards to great advice limited to 4 words, but with some caution:
  • "Buy what you know"
  • "Buy low, sell high"
  • "Buy an index fund"
He's absolutely right about the first observation when he grabs a quote from Jeff Fischer:
Buy what you know is one-dimensional advice for three reasons. First, what you know may not be worth investing in. Second, the practice of buying what you know is rarely interpreted to mean buy the business model, the cash flow statement, and the balance sheet that you know backwards and forwards. It too often is seen as "buy your favorite brand." Period. If you happen to know and love Kmart, but you didn't learn about its financials, you [were] in a sorry situation because you were an uninformed investor.
Now that's a very keen obeservation.

Do any of YOU have any words or advice that you live by when dealing with investing, or seeking out your first million? :-)
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Invest Like the Best & Prosper

Invest Like Tony Soprano
According to this insightful article, the key to succeeding in the long run is simply to buy an investment, and FORGET about it.


Here's an interesting observation by the author:
Shelby Davis turned $50,000 into a fortune greater than $800 million during a lifetime of saving and investing, landing him on the Forbes list of the richest Americans before his death.

Davis is frequently called a B-list money manager, but there's nothing B-list about his returns. Like Buffett, he bought stocks to hold and said that he, too, would have been better off if he had never sold a single investment.

Does any one here notice how things are completely different today - in general?? Are we too impatient today? Or have the times changed?

Quite frankly, I think technology forces you to react quicker thereby making a combination of good and bad decisions. On the other hand, it can also make you jump too soon - passing up on excellent long-term potential.

Stalemate perhaps? :-)
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