Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ethical Capitalism for the person and the state

Decisions that buyers, workers, and entrepreneurs make can make work and business so much better.

Broad-minded and Large-hearted policies can make the economy work even better for everyone.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Affordable Housing - How To Succeed

1. Stop complaining about the price of cement.  Start Digging.   
Wise civilizations have always built homes with what they have, not with what they have to obtain with difficulty.  Today's Nigeria is not a wise civilization I suppose, or we would use laterite bricks more. 
What is laterite?  The answer may be beneath your feet at the construction site.

2. Build more units than you need
Sell or rent to others, and make some money.  Be an answer to the housing crunch...Nigerians need answers.  Do you want to become an expert in affordable and sustainable building technology?  Start here
Meet the experts, read their books and study their works, for example The Architecture of Renowned Master Demas Nwoko

3. Lower your running costs too
Fire NEPA/PHCN/xxDC , throw away the noisy generator (or give it to your enemy lol) and be your own solar power provider.  Also remember to build in time-tested natural ventilation and passive cooling systems from day 1, from the first drawing your architect makes.       
Thermal ventilation and Cross-ventilation


Get inspired: See more natural heating and cooling systems via snelhai's pinterest page
Ventilation Blocks
We can learn a lot about Passive Cooling from Cairo/Egypt, Yemen/Arabia, Iran/Iraq, and the Middle East in general.  Example: E.M. Okba (Cairo University) has notes on Building Design for Passive Cooling
Middle Eastern - style wind tower for ventilation
Traditional Badgir (wind-catcher) system
Apply wisdom.  Come back with a testimony. 

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Monday, November 14, 2016

This is no time to be calm

Warren Buffett is 'always hopeful'

while Barack Obama has 'renewed confidence'

following the election of Donald Trump.
All I see is risk.  

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