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Six Questions with Mother-Daughter Team - Teacher Anna and Jumoke Joseph

Children are _____
TA: a Great Heritage
JJ: an absolute wonder 

Children want ____
TA:  love, attention and to have their way
JJ: affection, attention and fun 

The introductions: 
Jumoke Justine Joseph works as the proprietress of Great Mother's Joy Nursery and Primary School located in Satellite Town, Lagos.

  She attended St. Mary's (on Broad Street, Lagos) for primary school, went on to Queen's College Lagos for secondary school, and then to the University of Lagos where she earned a B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Mathematics and Statistics.  
Ms. Jumoke Joseph
Her areas of expertise include business management and facilities management from her previous career, as she worked at The British Deputy High Commission BDHC Estates Group, Lagos from 1998-2011 and CIACO Nigeria Limited, Ikoyi, Lagos from 2012-2015.   She also has expertise and has taken courses in child development, classroom teaching, communication, and elocution.      

Jumoke Joseph's mother is the famous and spectacularly sweet "Aunty Mrs. Joseph"or "Teacher Anna", who raised thousands of us little ones as a nursery and primary teacher at St. Mary's Private School.  I remember learning some of my first skills from her - addition and subtraction, nursery rhymes, Catholic hymns and prayers, with some reading and writing and other classroom skills ... I was four years old.

Teacher Anna was born on 18th January 1943, the seventh among thirteen children.  She started her primary school education at Our Lady's School, Kaduna, and proceeded to Lagos after the demise of her mother Mrs. Victoria Saba in 1955. While in Lagos, she attended St Mathias and then St Mary's Modern School. 

She commenced her teaching career in 1962 under the tutelage of Reverend Sisters at St Mary's Private School, Broad Street.  Between 1975 and 1978, she proceeded to African Church Teachers Training College, Ifako Lagos. She eventually retired from St Mary's in 1989 after 27years of service.
Teacher Anna Joseph
Mrs Joseph taught for another 10 years (1989-1999) as Head of Nursery Section at the Learningfield School, Satellite Town, Lagos. She then proceeded to McLilies Primary School, Satellite Town where she worked for another 2 years till 2001. In 2001, she established 'Mother's Joy Day Care Centre and managed this until her daughter came on board as proprietress in 2015.

How has your work changed over the years?  
Children's Day // Professional Day @ Mother's Joy School

TA: 29 years teaching at St Mary’s. 10 years teaching/management at Learningfield.  2 years teaching and management at McLilies. 16 years managing own Preschool and Nursery.  I've stayed in the same profession since the age of nineteen.
JJ: I moved from General Administration to School Administration / Teaching

Surrounded by little ones đź’—
What do you do on weekends?
TA: Saturdays – resting, reading, parties and catching up with the News. 
Sundays – generally church and home front.  
I sang at the Holy Cross Cathedral Church choir from 1959 to 1975. These days I serve at the same parish on the Board of Catechists and Marriage Counsellors and I am a member of the Confraternity of Christian Mothers.  On the home front, I live with my husband Mr. Suru Joseph and love spending time with family including Jumoke and Oladipupo.  
JJ: Saturdays of leisure – resting, reading, parties.  
Sundays – Church and eating out 

Favourite colours: 
TA: Green and sometimes White - Green is a cool colour that reminds me of nature
JJ: Red, Gold and in recent times White 
... because Red is bold and cheerful, Gold is regal, and White – c’est très chic!!
Teacher Anna and JJ Joseph

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