Saturday, May 28, 2005

What would you do

If you suddenly received $2000 (or its equivalent) what would you do?
What if the $2000 had to be spent on a business, what would you do?

Friday, May 27, 2005


Welcome to Money Talk.
This is a place to get and share ideas and support on matters ranging from money and career to business and economic development.

On access:
ANYONE, member or not, may post a COMMENT on this site.
However, to CREATE new posts, you must be a blog team member.
This involves two steps:
1. be invited to be a Money Talk blog team member. Please email if interested.
2. register for a blogger account

On content:
I envision that we'll have mostly comments, like ten to a hundred comments per post. To help organize all this content, I'll probably create a summary post every month or quarter-year that classifies and links to various parts of the blog.

On privacy:
Remember that this forum is entirely public, so enjoy responsibly :)

EDITING, September 07, 2015:  Welcome to UpNaira / Money Talk, the hub for money, career, business, and economic development.  Go ahead, read, comment, and share.  Enjoy responsibly :)

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