Thursday, April 11, 2013

MINT-ing wealth

They say the BRIC countries are over the hill, in terms of returns on hot-money investments, and it's all about the MINT group now, where Nigeria is the N.  I'm loving it (with due caution of course.)

The private-equity wizards at the conference are excited about Africa’s prospects over the next decade.
By 2050 [NIGERIA] will have a population the size of America’s. If it can make all those people more productive, Nigeria will be a “big, big economy”. How might it achieve this? The conditions that set the stage for faster growth are well known: sober monetary and fiscal policy; protection of property rights; education; openness to trade and technology. The search for the perfect policy mix is not what matters; the trick is to “focus on it”. Source: Africa's Economic Prospects

BRIC: Brazil-Russia-India-China
MINT: Mexico-Indonesia-Nigeria-Turkey
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Friday, April 05, 2013

Come in and play

I love @cc_Hub , aka the co-creation hub in Lagos.  I urge everyone to visit who thinks creating through IT is cool and wants to see it in action (or join the action.)  This is Yaba as a tech neighbourhood.
Click click click for a tour

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Mobile Number Portability coming soon

Number portability was coming soon three years ago, but now maybe it's really very near
Been waiting so long, we don't really give a blank. 
What I object to is the little symbol they at the NCC have designed to illustrate the program: it has arrows cycling merrily between the four major mobile companies: MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo. 
Source: Frequently Asked Questions on MNP, NCC
From what folks are saying, the net change will be more like this:

Anyway, information:
Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service that enables you to keep your mobile phone number when changing from one mobile service provider to another.  So, if you switch between service providers, you do not have to go through the trouble of informing all your friends, family, colleagues, and other contacts because your number stays the same. 
Mobile number portability will initially be available among the four GSM mobile operators. - (NCC)

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