Thursday, April 11, 2013

MINT-ing wealth

They say the BRIC countries are over the hill, in terms of returns on hot-money investments, and it's all about the MINT group now, where Nigeria is the N.  I'm loving it (with due caution of course.)

The private-equity wizards at the conference are excited about Africa’s prospects over the next decade.
By 2050 [NIGERIA] will have a population the size of America’s. If it can make all those people more productive, Nigeria will be a “big, big economy”. How might it achieve this? The conditions that set the stage for faster growth are well known: sober monetary and fiscal policy; protection of property rights; education; openness to trade and technology. The search for the perfect policy mix is not what matters; the trick is to “focus on it”. Source: Africa's Economic Prospects

BRIC: Brazil-Russia-India-China
MINT: Mexico-Indonesia-Nigeria-Turkey
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