Thursday, June 23, 2016

Work stories that you'll love

She makes footwear.  Lagos.  
+ DESIGN Each piece is carefully  designed, ensuring the physical elements of the Kene Rapu aesthetic is present in each design. We aim to produce designs featuring clean shapes and clean edges, which are very much fuss- free and always trendy. 
+ PROCESS All our footwear is produced in Nigeria,for the global community. Each slipper is carefully handcrafted by a local craftsman in Nigeria, using materials sourced from the local markets. KR Neons, our flip flop line, are also proudly made in Nigeria.
+ CULTURE There has been a resurgence in the love for afro-centric clothing and accessories. As we continually aim to promote our African heritage, we are always excited to partner with other emerging African brands with global appeal.   
 - Kene Rapu Enterprise, video via BellaNaija and Diamond TV


She makes apparel.  Accra.  

"On today's episode of Platinum standard, we have Aisha Ayensu, the founder and creative director of the Ghanaian fashion label Christie Brown. She tells us the stories and inspiration behind the Christie Brown label and where the journey has taken her so far."  More from NdaniTV.  More about Christie Brown. Shop the clothing.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Hard truths as prices continue to soar in Nigeria

This is inflation, as dramatized by Nigerian people, mostly traders.  We would do well to take human feedback into account in designing our government. 

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Earning and Ego in the African family

Long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away...
Not really :)
Men hunted, gathered, warred, and brought home an alien sliced and salted bit of pig meat called bacon.
Women cooked this thing, cleaned house meticulously, supported man unflinchingly, all the while dressed neatly and attractively in mellow yellow shirt and single-row of pearls.
Everyone lived happily ever after.
Nowadays, we have a new fable: 
Women march off to work and often win a delightful prize called bread, which many in these parts would rather have than bacon.
As before, men are free to hunt, gather, war, and bring home various cuts of meat, bearing in mind that physicians say fish and lean beef, as part of a low-fat, low sodium diet, are better for overall health.
winning great quantities of bread is a good thing UNLESS this winner is a married woman.  Marriage interacts with earning in such a way that everybody does not live happily ever after.
Homie, we still cool? . . .  No, we are definitely not cool.

But why?
And what can be done?
Read this:
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Nigeria News Buka: Editorials as President Buhari's administration clocks one year in office


The Guardian writes of Hope and Impediments , certain that while we see good intentions, we are disappointed with the actual outcomes. Please click to read more, especially pertaining to the positive accomplishments in one year. 

ThisDay remarks that Buhari shifts ground on key economic issues.  Should we mourn that it took one year or celebrate that it finally happened?  Should we remain at the mercy of the president's lagging comprehension of economic matters?

The Independent keeps it direct with: Economy in Bad Shape.  A negative GDP growth rate is a fantastic thing that one might have thought impossible just 1-2 years ago.  It was achieved through archaic ideas, unclear direction, and possibly a deep-seated dislike of wealth and a strong commitment to choking off enterprise.  As that paper put it: Investors Lose Hope, Withdraw N4 trillion In One Year.

Punch editors say Nigerians are Still Waiting for the Real Change.  They conclude with some recommendations:
On the whole, one year, certainly, does not make or break a four-year term. And Buhari cannot be expected to wipe the political slate clean at once. But for Buhari to leave a lasting imprint on history, he must take several steps to inject new ideas into his government. 
1. fully accept the reality of open-market economic strategy by restarting the stalled privatisation process as the command-and-control national economic management strategy he is so much enamoured of has become obsolete.   
2. reinforce his government by recruiting genuine reformers.
3. come down from his high horse and get more connected with the Nigerian people during these difficult times.
4. for his government to work out ingenious modality on how to restructure our weird federal system. 
5.  it would help if Buhari keeps partisanship in check in his government’s anti-graft war.

2 and 3 are simply political (what is a genuine reformer and how do you find one? ) but 1,4,5 are important.

The current status on 1-4-5, since the whole machinery has chosen to stay subject to one guy's body language, is that:
Just like the president was not interested in the white man's economic theory (but is now coming around to it, or being forced into it) to the detriment of the Nigerian pocket,  
For now, Buhari is not interested in the confab report and all this federalism wahala. 
And he does not see that anti-corruption without legitimate structure can be argued to be simple party-politics of hounding and defunding the opposition. 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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