Wednesday, November 14, 2018


“The person you report to at work can be more important to your health than your family doctor.” - in McKinsey Insights 


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Friday, November 02, 2018

Retail inspiration

This seasoned merchandiser is a top-earning executive and most-valuable player in tech:

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

SG Brothers’ Summit

So whenever the Sayogbemi Brothers meet, we usually as our dad would - eagerly engage in discussions of our globe. Each of us bringing our dithering as well as differing globalist perspectives to any matter at hand.

Our eldest, JJ - often philosophical, hugely ideological and somewhat sanguine about human race and not given to easy labels yet his welfarist grounding as a Son of my Father never missen. Olu is lovingly perspective and eager to get us to consensus. Seunzy Baba the guardsman often perspective, not given to ideological position, definitely the one right of the center of us all yet inspiringly humanist can be evolutionary in thinking than revolutionary. I, the youngish one - often brash, laying the stake on non-negotiable ideological positions and waxing evangelistic at times yet teasing my elder ones with near fatalistic yet optimistic positions on human race.

The latest summit had interesting conclusions with our debate secretary, Maddy Carty in charge of course - so I will crave  her indulgence to publish the communique on world affairs at the #SayoGbemiBrothersSummit2018

1. That humans ultimately are making a steady march to progress powered primarily by self interest which must be regulated for best outcomes with some humanist framework.

2. That center of power in the world is shifting from North to the South. We disagreed on how quickly but no one doubted it. We agreed while change is going on we are unlikely to have a very good guess of how fast and deep it goes. Realignment was the word.

3. We agreed that Brexit was bad for Britons but great for citizens of the Commonwealth. Hence, on balance - more people will emerge better especially in India, Pakistan, South Africa and Nigeria while offsetting the lower class Brits that will suffer.

4. We also agreed that English as a dominant world language is likely to continue unchallenged. In fact, a federated Europe if it wants any chance of cohesion may need to ironically adopt English even as the Brits leave. (China is way ahead of the curve and is likely to leverage the language more vis Hong Kong.)

5. We agreed that we are at the middle of the greatest inter generational wealth transfer in History in the Northern Hemisphere even as the value of assets in Southern Hemisphere jumps in value.

6. Also the knowledge gap will narrow and despite housing the vast wealth of the last world order, Northern Hemisphere inhabitants may not actually be in control as their Southern-cousins exert their superior knowledge (they dominate Western Universities) cum resource  power vis India, China, Big 4 in Africa and Brazil.

7. We agreed that Africa’s Fintech has leapfrogged the rest of the world, and blockchain applications is probably going to take more hold in Africa than anywhere else potentially giving the mother continent significant advantage in the Post- New World Era of distributed instead of concentrated control.

The key insight of the night was introduced by SeunzyBaba and modified by us. He proposed that global human interactions and conditions  were driven by war and trade. The table modified and added sex.

Argue with your keyboard.


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Friday, October 19, 2018

More ways to chill, even in this crazy Lagos

From October 17 - 28, 2018, a lot of events to choose from (location: MUSON Center, Onikan)

Our Ranti is in Don Giovanni tonight, you better come.

Can you believe MUSON Center has social media handles?  I'm often annoyed how secret their events are lol.  Follow and to stay informed.

In a few years, I suppose, they'll have a good way of publicizing their programmes.  I think they may have season's passes and such already, not sure.
Then again, if you can afford upwards of 5k up-and-down for recreation in this Buhari economy, you're in the 1% lol.  Enjoy it.
No be your papa spoil Nigeria abeg.  Abi na your papa spoil...ok, no vex.

Enjoy your life - do it for the people.

Say MUSON hangouts are not your thing,
but really, you should try before you decide 
Say you're an alternative, COOL KID at heart? 
Check out, join, follow NothingToDoInLagos and hang out doing chill things like kayaking, yoga, picnics, and stuff.  You're welcome.

A post shared by NTDIL (@nothingtodoinlagos) on

Don't let your day job define you joo.
Check out the definitive guide to alté Lagos
"It’s Not the regular Lagos behavior and lifestyle which is permanently punctuated with Danfos, traffic, shouting, struggle, and sweat. It’s living the good baby girl/boy life. it’s composed of activities that the very regular average Lagosian isn’t concerned with or is too 
broke busy to participate in."  as in, we can not come and go and die, ooooshey.  

It seems our people actually invented the word:é
(cool kids, clap for yourselves)

Those that don't have time to waste like that, they just know they are looking for:
- connections slash networking, how to get this mo=N=ey
- wife slash husband, at least know which way they're facing
but the problem:
so far not so good with the wedding and club circuit,
family connection is not your style and don't even mention church,

OOOOK okay...
you know what they say - volunteer for something.  Keep doing what you love, shine at it, and you will attract what you want/need...

orrr just follow your stomach.
Wallahi, don't you see the sense in this?
Shey the whole point is to eat, so go straight for the food.

Kai, I am TOOOOO nice to you.

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How do YOU unwind?

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