Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Engineering Development

If you're an engineer wondering what to do this summer, have you considered the Summer Engineering Experience in Development (SEED) program of ESW?

Also, I was back on the site of Engineers Without Borders today.

Both ESW and EWB have several exciting projects in progress, for example:
Engineers for a Sustainable World US, Int'l;
Engineers Without Borders US, Int'l, Conferences

My sister thinks I should work on one of these. I think: maybe :)

If you're working on your five percent, consider giving here for ESW or here for EWB-International (find the donate button in bottom left sidebar). I really like the various quotes at the top of the EWB pages.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A woman of substance

Follow the links to read a long and inspiring interview with a courageous Nigerian lady named Funmi.
Page 1: "Nigerians need to connect for change"
Page 2: "My parting word is that I want Nigerians to stop talking and start doing.
And we need to stop pointing fingers."

Me, I'm working on my five - percent, slowly but hopefully, which takes us back to the questions asked here many months ago: when you give, do you give in secret, or do you show it off? I think in future, I'll publicly document my five percent, like write a list of major donations online or something. Not this year though. Comments?

Friday, February 23, 2007

Secret Weapons

I'm assuming you know that Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the other Robert Kiyosaki books are very inspiring and worth reading and re-reading.

I also value Barbara Winter's writings, and hope to soon read her Making a Living Without a Job.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tech news

Upnaira is now hosted on the "new" version of blogger. Please follow their instructions to login with the new blogger.

Please don't forget to
- Visit the Welcome page and feel free to join the group blog,
- Sign the About You section and get to know other users,
- Comment when you have an opinion or suggestion.

Peace. Thanks.

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