Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Is it true that your left hand shouldn't know what your right hand is doing? Do you donate to buy influence? What if you just want to influence other people to give? I can say I've been inspired by friends who do something good to help others, say by volunteering in a Motherless Babies' Home or something, and wouldn't get that inspiration if they didn't tell me...
I was thinking of giving money for something at school and I'd want people to know about it but I also feel it's more stylish to donate anonymously. I probably will end up not making this donation at all, I'll save the money and give moral support, really...but the questions stand...if anyone is not too shy to write back.

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t said...

Related terms: alms, zakaat, tithes - each of these calls to mind religious tradition.
From the news of the past few months, I learned that the fashionable word for almsgiving is "Philanthropy."

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