Friday, December 02, 2005

Update: Mad Money Challenge...Any news?

It will be interesting of participants can gist us of their returns in the Jim Cramer mad money challenge..Kindly give us your biggest winner and losers and lessons learnt. Even though I didn't participate because I already run another virtual mutual fund where I practice my stock picking skills (believe me you will be rich if you invested with me early this year-laughs), where I am up 10% plus to date, you can also check my little fund out on (You will need to paste this one at a time) .


t said...

hi hi hi. it looks like the commenting system had a problem (or was it just for my account?) so i disabled the word verification (which was enabled to prevent comment spam).
comments should work for now.

been meaning to post that i finally bought some google stock (i mean in the madmoney challenge). i sold some mso and some dcx to buy 50 shares of goog (maybe 40% of my Martha Stewart holdings and 30% of my Daimler Chrysler). it's not looking good, though: my gainer intc, Intel, may have peaked for now. goog may have peaked for the short term too. oh well, live and watch and learn.
the game ends soon.

Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

good for u...I have some key picks for the next week: RIMM (because I think they will negotiate a good price with NTP on the patent suit- I have a $80 target price on it)and DRL (that stock will be on upward tear in 2006 selling at 4 times earning and fed stop tightening, very volatile though u must be able to handle pain, target price is $18). Two safe stocks are PG and PEP, they are well ran companies for the long term and the dividend is good. Sector of the next year is Financial while the dog of all sectors for the coming year is Energy, if you own energy be ready for some pain but at the end there will be gain- I predict a 5% gain in the oil index for the next year.

t said...

For your information:
This post is related to this previous one in which Shola suggested we try Jim Cramer's mad money challenge

t said...

Hi Busayo:
What's target price? I don't know...

Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

Madam T, sorry it has been a while on here. Target price is the artificial selling point you put on any stock you buy. Basically I was saying if RIMM hits 80 dollars I was going to take it off the table- because as Jim Cramer says "Bull Makes Money, Bear Makes money but Hogs (Pigs) get slaughtered!". You don't make any money until you sell- Target price is my full selling point. Note that I will sell gradually up to that point. Say if I buy RIMM at 63, 65 and 67 (3000 Shares each). I will sell at 74, 76, 78 and 80 (10-20-25-45 proportions) that way I protect myself against the downside while still letting my win run all the way and capturing all the gains..I hope it helped- how is your trip so far?

t said...

Thanks. I now know what a target is. Trading is kinda fun.

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