Tuesday, October 09, 2007

One Laptop Per Child

OLPC is about to hit the street: It once was known as the $100 laptop, but you'll have to pay $400 if you want the machine now called the XO. It isn't easy to change the world. But instead of allowing obstacles to deter him from his goal of getting inexpensive laptop computers to the poor children of the world, Nick Negroponte and his many allies have taken a new tack. Read more at Fortune: Fast Forward

...He said you know Nick there's this expression, "Buy one and get two"...you've got to... have a jingle that says, "Buy two and get one." Bingo: 100 percent margin. So, we will release it in the United States and Europe on a buy two and get one basis where you pay whatever it is $300 for it, and what you're doing is you're buying one or more for a kid in Africa and when you walk around with this it will [be] like a yellow bracelet, it will be an expression, it will actually say that. [Sic.] Read more at Valleywag.

Never underestimate the power of COOL.

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t said...

News updates: Shortage and production delay so start ordering now if you want one before the Christmas/New Year holidays.

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