Saturday, September 01, 2007

Women Work

Many women deal with this problem of not having help for their full-time jobs: at work as well as at home. The experience varies but holds in general, for richer or poorer women, all over the world. As a grad student among brilliant research professionals, I heard a lot of worries from colleagues about how the profession was designed without regard for women (no surprise, since women were not at the table at all until recently.)

My thought was always, just do what you want. If some dumb system won't offer you maternity leave, well, leave if you need to and if they can't figure out a way to accommodate you, you take your brilliant self and do something brilliant anyway. Stop being frustrated with misogynistic traditions; take some power and happiness for yourself.

- This post was originally written on Tuesday, August 14, while watching a really cool feature on Oprah about Women at Work.
- Post a Comment: What are women/men/employers/institutions doing to improve quality-of-life?
- Read Women's Lunch Talk, a great blog about Women in the Workplace. Tell us the most useful post you found!


ChinMan said...

Wonderfully written, great topic. I had the privelege to intern at a place where I noticed to my amazement that one of the senior employees was on Paternity Leave. To be honest, I never knew that it was possible to go on Paternity Leave, but it was a delight to experience that. He actually had I believe 2 whole months of maternity leave. I believe our culture is beginning to realize the importance of parents staying home to rear and mentor their children starting at an early age. I believe the fruits of this generation is a testament that our children should experience their first few years under parental supervision, care, nurturing, and guidance. I have nothing against baby sitters, but time and time again, children that spend more time outside of the parental home are more likely to be antisocial, timid, and at danger to develop poor habits.

t said...

Some thoughts on working hard and getting cheered and jeered: read the spirited townhall on Adaure's blog

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