Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Africa: Open for Business

Thanks to rweba for referencing this article (about the importance of not overdoing the negative images of poor, suffering African people) on his blog.
The movie/documentary Africa: Open for Business has a really cool site, with things like a five-minute preview, info on the 10 entrepreneurs/businesses featured in the movie, including a Congolese cell phone company, a Somali airline company, a Zambian adventure/tourism company, a Ugandan coffee house, an ANIMATION HOUSE in Senegal, a *bling* factory in Botswana, a textile company in Lesotho, a farm in Kenya (that exports roses to the UK, among other things), Ghanian home builders, and a Nigerian who makes children's clothes (her name is kinda familiar, Adenike Ogunlesi)
Now, that's exciting! What do you think?


rweba said...

Wow. I didn't even check the web site of the documentary yet. This looks a really fun documentary.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Nike Ogunlesi is (I think) the brains behind Ruff n Tumble, a children's quality clothing company in Lagos that has really gotten a huge corner on the market. She's done a great job. Started small, but maintained high standards and has managed to carve herself a really cosy little niche.

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