Thursday, June 09, 2005

Need hot stocks..what about GOOG

This looks like a pretty good idea. ARe you an active investor out there..a show u might not want to miss is Mad Money by Jim Cramer on CNBC. He has been vaunting GOOG since..i caught it at 170 it is now at 281..where do u think it is going...i think 320 would be down a little bit to 270 and then pick a little on the way down..avergae close to 270 and ring the register at 320..that is some cool least from me..I have averaged at about 230 up to this i can bear down to 260..hey make money!


t said...

No stocks for me...yet. Google, the service, is really really great, so it makes sense that it's got lots of people betting on it right now. Glad you're having fun with it though.

t said...

A link to GOOG stock chart

t said...

i just noticed that the stock chart in the previous comment has a freaky non-linear vertical scale. what's an explanation for this? anyone know?

t said...

Ancient history, when google was trading under 300. Pretty nifty stock pick.

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