Friday, July 15, 2005

Nigerian Stock Exchange- Put Your Money Where Your Mouth IS

Your Word is Your Bond
Anyone who understands the workings of a capital market would realize that in course of any transaction, a lot is riding on the trust between the customer and the service-provider, be it a Stock Broker, Advisor or Banker. Just observe the frenzied pace of activities and rapid sign language in any trading pit at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or Chicago Commodities Exchange and you wonder how the market thrives under such chaos.
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Shola said...

The idea of investing in the Nigerian Stock Exchange, while from an emotional perspective seems to be a good idea, from a financial perspective it is (IMHO - in my humble opinion) a very bad decision. Why? The guiding principle for any financial investment is optimizing for the best balance between risk and reward - ceteris paribus.
Hence NSE is a no go for me for a host of reasons including (just to name a few)
* Property rights
* Corruption
* Lack of accountability
* Undiversifiable systemic risk - a la Nigerian gorvernment.

However,all is not bad, I have asked two people whose financial opinions I respect (yes extremly limited data point). One a Nigeria based investment bankers said - "banking doesnt work in Nigeria like anywhere else in the developed world, however if you know the players or are a player yourself there is a lot of money to be made".
The second opinion (US based Nigerian professional) -"if I have money that I am willing to loose I will invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange"
I guess everyone decides thier own risk tolerance.

Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

I think those comments are personal perspectives. There are a lot of people who have become rich just from investing in NSE. In my opinion the key is finding the right company in the right sector. Risk tolerance? May be we should put our money in a 0.05% savings account, that is zero risk for zero yield. I hope I am right

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