Sunday, February 12, 2006

Time Management

There are so many things swirling in my head that I want/ need to do:
one-time tasks, short-term tasks,
longer-term tasks,
recurring tasks...
all in a swirl.

Here are notes to help me get organized. You may like them too.


Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

Madam T I like the new look of the blog- more ups- where is the crew this place appear to be quiet these days...Take care and more fun

t said...

the crew probably went on vacation :)
how is work?
thanks for liking it. change is good, eh, i like it...

Dayo said...


How have you's being awhile.. i sent you an e-mail..i have not gotten a response since then..hope all is well.

compliments of the season.


t said...

Hi Adedayo:
All's well. Thanks for checking.

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