Monday, March 20, 2006

You Just Have To Do Something People Want

...I guess that's how to make wealth, get money, grow rich, whatever. I plucked that quote from this article, which I'm still reading, and which I found on this guy, Max's blog.


Maxwell said...

Hi T!
Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya!
BTW, thanks for the comment in my blog.

With regards to Paul Graham's quote you're referring to, you are certainly on the right track.
For those who don't know, Paul and his business partner, through "back then", were responsible for ushering in the ECommerce era. gladly paid them about $300 million (400?) for the business which we all know today as Yahoo Stores.
Anyhow, Paul's a brilliant Computer Scientist from Harvard. However, what I truly admire about him is ever-so-keen business mind, which is ridiculously logical. If you ever get a chance, take his book - Hackers & Painters - for a spin. In fact, the book is comprised of his many insightful essays that are at the link you provided.


t said...

Hi Maxwell:
Let us know how your work on goes. I'll be watching :)
You loving it in Nairobi?

t said...

I just learned of "Nigeria International" from a friend's site...there's a half-hour-or-so long video from the show here that shows some people's views on business. It's kind of fun to watch.
(My comment on the video: I used to love British accents. These days, I don't know, sound toooo... foreign? to me)

t said...

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