Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Philantropy in the news

Angelina Jolie is giving an interview with CNN to raise awareness about World Refugee Day. See an excerpt by clicking the first VIDEO LINK on this page - the link titled "the World should Act." Here is another video with Jolie promoting World Refugee Day.

Meanwhile, last week, Bill Gates announced that he'll be focusing more on work at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Here is a related article.


umc said...

I particularly like Bill Gate's focus on Education and commend Angelina Jolie's charity.

t said...

I'm particularly happy to read from you. Chuse! Later.

umc said...

Yea thank you, I'm glad; I'd be here.

umc said...

And more Philantrophy in the news with Warren Buffet's interesting statement, on leaving enough money for his children to do anything but not so much for them to do nothing.

t said...

More recent comments troubles. See here Getting frustrating.

t said...

Amnesty International

I just noticed that you can set up donations to Amnesty International through their "shop at amazon" link.

A fraction of one percent of their work, from a letter from the organization: "We have an amazing opportunity to invigorate our work on Darfur. Amnesty is implementing a grant to set up advanced global mapping systems to support humanitarian efforts and apply pressure to human rights abusers in Sudan. "


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