Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Creating something better

I don't even know who else is running for Nigerian president.
I know and like one candidate so far: here is the audio and text of an interview with the economist and aspiring president DR. PAT UTOMI, and here is an official campaign site that has more information and accepts donations.


Michelle/ Ngozi said...

Interesting...Didn't even know that but it's something to consider. He would require a strong executive team to enable him deliver though but personality wise.. hmmm

Definitely worth a thought.

t said...

What do you mean by executive team - for the campaign, or post-elections?
If you mean for the campaign, I'm sure there's a way you can make suggestions or offer your services.
If you mean afterwards, then...

Dee said...

hmmmm...again, I must say the webpage gave more than I expected. I've been so out of touch with Nigerian politics its refreshing to see something new.

umc said...

I follow the 2007 elections closed gap.

Utomi is the only candidate; that gives me the impression of enlightened.

I'm tipping Michelle/Ngozi means a Presidential Aspirant Utomi might appear politically "weaker" to Babangida,Ukiwe,Atiku and likes as Gani Fawehinmi in 2003 and Olu Falae in 1999.

From what I've read, I'm sure Utomi + Campaign know "whatS" has got to be worked on.

I've got the same view as Pat Utomi for Nigeria of today.

"What Nigeria needs is intellectual leadership people – people committed to a course"
-Pat Utomi.

So I'd say, may the best intellectual leadership people contend; worst case scenario we'd have one of them best as president.

It's got to be a fight to finish to win.

umc said...

Ain't misinterpreting Michelle/Ngozi here.

Maxwell said...

2 questions:
1) Are any of these candidates similar in style to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez? You can see how he's shaking up things over there in the sense that he's pouring more of the country's oil revenues back into the hands of the citizens (health care, education, infrastructure, etc,) as opposed to previous elitist governments. This is exactly what Africa as a whole needs. Democracy, in general, does not work too well for developing countries with poor DEMOCRATIC institutions in place.

Maxwell said...

2) I propose that African nations adopt Switzerland's form of democracy, which actually WORKS. This book review site for Direct Democracy in Switzerland posed the following question:
"Can Swiss style direct democracy solve some of America's growing political and government problems at home as well as in other nations around the world?"
Oh, take a peek at this:
"...the Swiss experiment in direct democracy and their almost obsessive protection of minority interests, views, culture and language offers a realistic solution to the ethnic problems of post Saddam modern-day Iraq, the multi-racial problems of South Africa and most importantly a workable solution to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict in the Middle East that doesn’t involve oppression and top-down government controls."
So, would this system thrive in Nigeria (heck, throughout Africa)? I think so! Your thoughts? And don't forget to take this quote to heart:
"The people can never willfully betray their own interests; but they may possibly be betrayed by representatives of the people.” - The Federalist, No. 63

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