Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Guidelines to writing and passing the SATs

I'm writing this post to hold Questions and Answers relating to the College Board SAT Exams and Undergraduate/first-degree admissions. How to Prepare for the SATs? How to choose a College? Please contribute YOUR OWN wealth of knowledge to help others. Post a Comment. Thanks.


t said...

Question form Seyi:
I am...writing the SAT exam this month.
Please can you give me some guidelines to writing and passing the exam. Also what are the things i must know prior to the exam. Which Universities have good premedicine and medicine course in the U.S. please respond quickly. thanks and good bye.

t said...

Preparing for the SAT.

Quick answer:

If you have internet access, this takes only a few days:
- Go to SAT Preparation Center at and follow ALL THE LINKS on the left of the page under "SAT Preparation Center"

- If you have more time to prepare, use other resources, e.g any book on preparing for the SAT: Barron's, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Arco, ... or websites like these

Longer answer:
Any guide to the SAT will do three things well. Make sure you cover all:
Drill on the types of questions you will encounter: question types like sentence-completion, critical-reading, grid-in and multiple-choice, and subject areas like common SAT vocabulary, percentages, fractions, those kinds of things.
Complete SATs so you can do a few in a timed exam environment before the real one. You should mark your work and track your improvement.
Very important: tricks to use. This is important for everybody, even if you’re the best student, because the SAT has its "style." Here you’ll learn when to guess, why you should not guess carelessly, how to use elimination, how to use the roots of words to guess their meanings or opposites or at least their tone or the right word to fill in a blank with.

Wherever you get all these three things, that’s a good preparation.

t said...

Pre-medicine and medicine courses in the US:
There are many many programs and to choose maybe we need to know more from Seyi like: are there States you prefer to live in? Are you currently a top student and/or looking for the most academically challenging environment, or maybe something milder? What can you afford? What else are you looking for in a school? (has dorms, social life, religion, small classes, focus on pre-med or balanced curriculum, has a medical school or hospital, is a top ten or top 50 school, has scholarship money, has many Nigerians, near your friends or relatives, ...)

Yo, Doctors, help answer this one. Thank you.

Sugabelly said...

OMG, let me tell you. Okay, for the SAT Math, Use the Barron's SAT Prep book. IT is the BEST, and will help you a lot.

The key to passing the SAT is:

If you have even a flicker of doubt, DO NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION. seriously. points are deducted for failing a question but nothing is deducted for skipping it.

Your Essay is extremely important. You don't have to use big words, you just have to have a strong argument, and persuasively illustrate your points to support your argument. Seriously, I wrote something about a corn farm for my SAT, and I got 2010.

t said...

That's all about right, I agree.
Though some people stress that you should guess if you have eliminated some choices, like if you're SURE it's one of two choices, then it's a 50-50 chance, which is not too bad as gambling goes.
YOU KNOW the SATs, Sugabelly!

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