Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Cheap Date Guide

Seriously, has it come to this? :)
In Dating during a recession, the author writes tips like:
Flash a coupon. Think about it: If a restaurant really wanted you to use that 25%-off coupon, would they demand that you show it to your waiter, in full view of your date, the instant you sit down? Still, coupons can be a good way to have your dating cake and eat it too, especially if you can wave them at the maitre d’ when your gal pal isn’t looking. (You can also be honest and suggest trying a particular restaurant because you happen to have the coupon. I don’t recommend this, but some people insist it works.)
Other suggestions: cook dinner together, sample some ethnic cuisine, rent a movie ... I guess I do these already ... move in together, skip the reception ... you lost me there, what's the point of a wedding without a reception ;)


Max The IT pro said...

Going to restaurants is soooo passe. I'd rather have an outing where we do something together, perhaps pack a tasty meal, and then some snuggling. :-) Here in Kenya, I'd go on a safari, do a mountain hike or something kool like that. Get OUT of the damn restaurant! :-)

t said...

I was into the ethnic cuisine thing myself - less money, better food.
I guess active is better ;) so...ORDER take-out ethnic food and then hike/climb/bike.
"Let's go on a Saag Paneer & Paella Safari, Baby!" :)

Blogger said...

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