Monday, July 27, 2009

The Seven Wonders of Nigeria

You've been reading about Dora Akunyili's charge to rebrand Nigeria. "Good people, Great Nation," goes the slogan. What if we had a list to direct tourists to seven most treasured destinations (everybody knows that in Egypt you must see the Pyramids and in India you must look for the Taj Mahal.) What would be on that list?

What are the Seven Wonders of Nigeria? Why?

Some suggestions are Yankari (I just visited), the much talked about Tinapa/Calabar experience, and maybe some of those beaches in Lagos.
Maybe you prefer the very historical, like Nok or Igbo-Ukwu sites; the cultural, like Argungu Fishing festival, Eyo masquerades, Durbar horseracing festivals; the macabre, like the bullet-ridden car in which Murtala Muhammed was assassinated.
Is there a church/mosque grand enough to merit inclusion on the list? A theater, museum, stadium? A football?

Chime in below.


DonCasiragi said...

I have been to some..but have heard of others...

1. Ikogosi Warms Springs, Ekiti: Yes I am biased, but you have to feel it to believe it.

2. Obudu Cattle Ranch & Cable Rail cum Presidential retreat: You should not die without seeing this paradise. Visit Tinapa also if you can

3. Erin Ijesha Water Fall..may be not as panoramic as Niagara or Lake Victoria, but found in the jungle without any seeming source of great river; this is a sight to behold

4. Badagry Beach and Slave Resorts- These strings of beach (not one) is a refreshingly familiar at least until you reach the grim end of no return where slaves departed the coast of Lagos

5. Nigeria Conservation Foundation Lekki Conservatory and adjacent Alpha and Lekki Beach..if you have time also go to Lagos Marina..go at night, get a jet best thing ever.

6. Yankari Game Reserve...So I heard

7. Mambilla Plateau..I will skip any other high ground for this..

Tosin said...

That was really complete.
I woud also say that the Olumo Rock in Abeokuta is also a good feature that has not come up lately although in other countries, it would have been a BIG tourist attraction

t said...

I like the name Abeokuta. Would like to check it out someday, how they took refuge "under the rock."

In other exciting news, a Nigerian tourism expert is going to grow the "Seven Wonders of Nigeria" idea...somehow.

pelu said...

I have been travelling around Nigeria since last March. And from my encounters on the roadI would add these to the list:

1. Sobi Hill, Ilorin (Kwara State): it must be the only location in Nigeria where christian and islamic worshippers share the same worship space. No rancour;no bad belle. Everybody respects the other's religion.many months after I stumbled on it, the experience remains indelible

2. Kanta Museum, Birnin Kebbi (Kebbi State): The fishing festival may be the draw her but my most remarkable spot is the Centuries' old kanta museum and the adjoining Cemetry, where all previous kings of the kingdom are interred. I doubt if there is any place like that elsewhere in Nigeria.

More later....

Gerwine Bayo-Martins said...

1. Shere Hills, near Jos;
2. Ghost town near Ilesha and Ilesha waterfalls;
3. Most important: Nigeria's wonderful people!
4. Old railway lines and train wagons in Jos;
5. Confluence of Niger and Benue at Lokoja;
6. Lagos, Lagos, Lagos...

t said...

Thanks everyone for nominating, and big thanks to Pelu, our own travel journalist for promoting Seven Wonders.
Guess what? It's official. Something called African Travel Quarterly is accepting votes on the shortlist for Seven Wonders of Nigeria. Isn't that cool?

t said...

It's Official

You can vote by visiting African Travel Quarterly

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