Saturday, September 05, 2009

Nigeria: E for Effort

In July, I was in the Youth Working Group of National Vision 2020.
Here, on the website of the National Planning Commission are the reports of the National Technical Working Groups:
It is expected that ordinary Nigerians with feedback do their own part to shape the final Vision 2020 document. That is like a mission and vision statement for Nigeria and a plan to make the country one of the 20 largest economies by the year 2020.

I can't find the reports of the Youth Working Group, that will be in a later post, especially if you ask.

Until we lightupnigeria, I suppose we'll always seem to be a far underdeveloped country. Scandals abound, corruption is no myth, and the nation is rife with waste.
We must start somewhere, and I see pockets of progress alongside some attempt to set up structures for a future of prosperity and good governance. Being in Abuja briefly in July and seeing the number of people working in civil society (NGOs and pressure groups) gives one some hope. Lagos has visibly improved. Maybe one or two other states has seen a non-crap leader.

All said, I'll grade Nigeria today a solid E for Effort. I hope that this moves us up to higher grades in future, away from F for f*rubbish. Some of y'all have to be the MVPs that will put in outsize effort and make outsize impact, considering the reality that so many people are working hard to pull us all down. Screw all the thieving liars that want to see things improve for themselves and not for the millions of their brothers and sisters suffering. Is all I have to say.


DonCasiragi said...

Interesting comments Tosin..never seen you gripe like this - LOL.

Anyway, per the 20-20 things- how many blueprints for development do we need before just doing something? These sort of documents are truly not lacking in Nigeria, dating back to the 5 year development plans we proposed at Independence and other countless such plans that succeeded it.

per the MVPs..solid point. Read the book: the outliers? Or Tipping Point? You should...plenty of MVPs is what Nigeria needs. Honest ones for that matter


Ms. T, thanks for sharing this outlook and the link to the Committee's website.

I have to agree with DonCasiragi's statement about 'blueprints for development' and the countless number of them that have circled around the country forever. As you note, Lagos has become a shining example not because it miraculously transformed itself overnight with magic, but because instead of more talk/discussion, action came into play. That is why the governor of that state is lauded for solving what in actuality are small problems. Unlike our federal government, Lagos State has started tackling smaller problems, creating the right psychology in its residents so as to encourage them to do their part in solving the larger problems, hence the beginnings of a state-wide transformation, which, if not allowed to be sabotaged by naysayers, will be a shining example for future Lagosians and hopefully, all Nigerians.

So, in essence, what I am looking for is clear evidence, no matter how small, of progress. After looking at the Commitee's site, I am struck by the incredible amount of rhetoric, but will continue to dig deeper to find examples of details/results. I am specifically looking at the federal government for this, as certain states have shown that they can start to make positive changes. This administration would do well to have a website highlighting successes and keeping up with bi-monthly updates on said progress because people like me who want to look closely at where change can be made and laud the positive when it happens can only be disappointed when the information we seek is non-existent or guarded so closely, it becomes a waste of time to find.

Anyway, ba wo ni? I hope all is well.

t said...

i agree with both of you, the "doing" is what Nigeria needs now. Fashola gets it...

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