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[youth development in Nigeria] Apply: Mary Robinson Award for Young Women's L...

If you are a young woman, under the age of 30, involved in Human Rights
work - Please nominate yourself for the Mary Robinson Award for Young
Women's Leadership in Human Rights.

The deadline for submission of the reviewed nomination is October 31,
2010. Download the Nomination form at or find attached.
Email the completed form to

The World YWCA established the Mary Robinson Award for Young Women's
Leadership in Human Rights to recognise young women leaders and human
rights activists. The first recipients of the award will be honoured and
celebrated during the International Women's Summit in Zurich,
Switzerland from July 12 - 13, 2011.

The award recognises:

1.      A young YWCA human rights activist
2.      A young woman human rights activist from the broader community
of partners working on human rights
3.      A member association that demonstrates exemplary support and
promotion of young women's leadership in the field of human rights.

Mary Robinson is a renowned human rights activist and a trailblazer for
women's rights and leadership, was the first woman President of Ireland
(1990-1997) and former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
(1997-2002). She has spent most of her life as a human rights advocate.
As an academic (Trinity College Law Faculty 1968-90), legislator
(Senator 1969-89) and barrister (1967-90, Senior Counsel 1980, English
Bar 1973) she has always sought to use law as an instrument for social
change, arguing landmark cases before the European Court of Human
Rights, the Irish courts and the European Court in Luxemburg. Mary
Robinson served as Chair for the Council of Women World Leaders and is
presently leading Realising Rights: the Ethical Globalisation

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