Friday, October 29, 2010

Money for Innovators

If you're in Science / Technology in a Nigerian University, please visit the website of STEP-B for more information on how to access funding for research and development projects.

Innovator grants of up to US$20,000 to individual S&T graduates (Bachelor, Masters and PhD) from PBEIs in their final year to encourage “Nigerian innovators of tomorrow”. (2% of total credit; US$4M)

It appears that this year, Innovators of Tomorrow Awards may go to 538 students in 228 Departments in 34 higher education institutions in Nigeria.

STEP-B is a Nigerian Science Technology and Education (Post-Basic) improvement programme.
IOT is their Innovators of Tomorrow segment, as STEP-B funds other categories, such as academic staff and universities as well as university students.
PBEI = Post-Basic Educational Institution.

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