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[youth development in Nigeria] apply: Desplay Africa Season 6

Africa's No. 1 youth program for deepening youth understanding of democracy and good governance and breeding
next generation African leaders.

Democracy Series Participatory Learning and Active Youth (DESPLAY Africa), the foremost and consistent annual youth democracy academy in West Africa since 2005 is accepting applications from interested youth. In the past 5 years, DESPLAY Africa admitted youth from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Cameroon, who were educated on different broad based democracy and governance issues.  For DESPLAY Africa Season 6, about 40 youths from Nigeria and other African countries shall come together under a unique learning platform to deepen their knowledge about democracy and also foster youth participation in governance processes in Africa. This program is for young people that are concerned about Africa's growth and development. It is for those youth who desire to be part of the region's emerging transformational leaders. It is also for those who believe that as youth we can begin to foster positive change in our continent within our space. It has been professed that Africa is the continent of the new millennium, to achieve this potential, new entrepreneurial and transformational actors must emerge to drive the processes. But most critically is the fact that these emerging new actors require unique platforms for interaction, capacity building, knowledge-sharing, and networking among others in preparation for the huge task of leap-frogging Africa's development. It is on this background that we offer DESPLAY Africa Season 6 and invite all those who share in this aspiration to participate therein.

v  Three different workshop/semesters of 4 days each.
Each workshop shall hold in a different city of Nigeria after 3 months interval. This allows participants better appreciate our national diversities and re-enforce the spirit of peaceful co-habitation among people of different socio-religious backgrounds.
v  About 40 different sessions and activities offered.
Each Semester lasts for 4 days and each contain atleast 4 different interactive sessions and activities, including breakout sessions, film shows, debates, panel session, reading class among others. A team of well experienced facilitators ensure quality interactive experiences.
v   Win the "I Debate" Campus debate award.
10 participants of DESPLAY Africa Season 6 shall have the opportunity to each conduct students debate in a higer institution in their state of residence using a template format to ensure uniformity. Finalist from each campus based debate shall be invited to the grand finale during DESPLAY Semester 3 to compete for the "I Debate Prize".
v  Participate in our maiden " Young Champion for Democracy Challenge"
Knowledge, passion, advocacy etc without Action is like wishing to drive a car but not able to actually drive a car. DESPLAY Season 6 shall offer participants the chance to compete in the "Young Champions for Democracy Challenge". It is a component that encourages participants to identify a key issue in our democracy and to implement a project to address that challenge. All projects must be completed 4 weeks before semester to qualify for the award.
v  Opportunity to vie for President of DESPLAY Republic for season 6.
Every season of DESPLAY offers any interested participant the chance to become the DESPLAY Republic President during an election to be conducted in semester 2 by the participants themselves. The current DESPLAY President is Femi……..
v  Gain visibility through Youth Power Weekly Radio Show on Highland FM Jos.
All participants shall enjoy the benefit of featuring on our new weekly radio show Youth Power to contribute to related discussion, give visibility to their projects as well as bring to visibility issues of concern among the youth demography.
v  Participate in a self funded Learning Visit to a Democracy in Africa.
Since 2007 every year, a team of DESPLAY participant raise funds and travel to a democracy in West Africa for a 2 weeks learning visit during which they interact with a cross section of the society including lawmakers, youth leaders, NGOs, students etc. DESPLAY Season also offers this unique learning experience after Semester 2 for those who can afford to raise the required funds. 
v  Become a DESPLAY Fellow and get a DESPLAY Certificate of Participation among others.
From DESPLAY Africa Season 6, all participants who complete the program shall graduate as DESPLAY Fellows! Moreso, 5 participants shall emerge as Senior Fellows with unique benefits attached to the Senior Fellows status!!
Moreso, DESPLAY allows you meet with youths from different African countries as well as gives you the rare opportunity to join a robust community of young and emerging leaders united in their passion for democracy and good governance in the Africa region.
Young people from Nigeria and African countries aged between 18 - 35 years.

Ø  30 persons shall enjoy full scholarship covering feeding, accommodation, conference materials and travel subsidy on paying N5, 000 registration fees per semester/workshop.

Ø  While 10 persons shall enjoy  partial scholarship covering feeding, accommodation and conference materials on paying N20, 000 registration fees per semester/workshop.

Payment are only made after you have been finally selected and officially informed of your selection.


December 17th 2010.

Bola                             +234, 806547981707072000256
Emma                         +234 7039634873
Nandak                       +234 8065353382

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