Saturday, May 07, 2011

Bigz Girlz is broke (or was)

I used to work for the government where the favourite sport was waiting for the paycheck starting in the late teens of the month, by the twenties the money would be there. Granted the first paycheck didn't arrive until three months after I started work but hey.

Then I moved to a private gig and rounder monthly pay. I buckled down to work knowing that I was paid enough to cover expenses: long phone call with site manager to get details just right, or cab fare to and fro before I moved down the street from work? All justified because hey just get the job done.

Then last week (uh oh) I found that I was out of cash. Ok, I'd been warned about the industry with its nice paychecks and missed paydays but was still blindsided. Not sure if the purpose of delaying pay is to piss off the staff and degrade the product, but that is how it plays out.

Yesterday I was stuck eating peanut butter and avocado. (Ok that seems ajebo but have you ever eaten plain avocado pear?) Downgraded right quick from boss water to pure water. Just begged the ATM again for 1,000 and it said insufficient funds. So I said how about 500 and it said I had to specify multiples of 1000.

Moving on... a friend is going to raise me some cash this evening. At that point, the cash will become pretty useless since as everyone knows money is most useful when you don't have it. The tyranny of money.


DonCasiragi said...

really the tyranny of least, you don't have to watch the post office box for bills as we do on this side of the atlantic...something comforting about a cash economy.

t said...

Menn, I don't miss that. So much time and energy spent on trying to outwit those who want to enslave you with some hundred percent APR lifestyle. Crazy USA.

minku said...

hundred percent APR lol. so true.

DonCasiragi said...

lol@ 100% APR

Dee said...

Its been a while since I read your money blog! That said we need to do some major catch up. Cash only economy that really doesn't work...unless you have hoards of cash!

t said...

We do need to catch up. Funny thing is, love it in Nigeria. Weird, eh?

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