Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Preserve your eyes while using a blackberry/mobile phone

It's nice to be connected to the internet via Blackberry, but the devices are ugly in my opinion.  Most cell phones are flat and ugly.  And there's the pesky ergonomics to deal with.

Here are some tips I learned:
  • When reading on the internet, check the settings in your browser for "Column view" which may reformat the page so you can read in large font and without scrolling side to side. 
  • When reading from a pdf or image file, the print is often small and/or blurry.  Try the options for "View text" and it may display the text in a nice column of text (again, no side-to-side)
Some easy things to try also:
  • In your internet settings, change the default font size to something comfortable for you.
  • Download a second browser (like Opera) for your device.  It may have better functionality than your native browser.  At any rate, it's nice to have two browsers, then you can use both simultaneously as I always do.  
Save your poor wrist and fingers:
  • Leave that scroll-button and use the SPACE key to go down one page at a time.You'd be surprised how many people scroll line-by-line instead of skipping down page-by-page. 
  • On standard laptop and desktop screens, don't put your mouse over the scroll button and click on it a thousand times; jump by clicking the space between scroll bar and scroll button. 
What to do about eye-strain?
The backlight on my phone screen is far too powerful.  To improve the situation, I usually to keep some other light on in the room when I'm working, or hold the phone/screen at an angle (not easy). 
Ideally, I could place a screen / filter over the original screen?
What do you think?
Is there such a filter for sale, or should I just tape the thing with cellotape/cellophane???


t said...

Putting up this blog post took several hours spread over two days. I had to use every trick in the book to tunnel through given the miniscule bandwidth.

Imagine how slow internet slows work down in other avenues. Worth studying...a lot more soon.

Samantha Cole said...

Aside from your eyes, it's also a must to preserve your Blackberry's battery life. As much as possible, try calling instead of using e-mail or text messages to get in touch with your friends, peers, and/or family. Texts and emails consume 4 times more power than a quick phone call.

t said...

Trade off analysis: the calls are billed per second, sometimes at a high rate.

Wrist Watch Phone said...

well! it's serious issue but I'm like text message to my friend, family and other as well instead of calls. In this way i save money which i spend for other useful purpose like bill of internet etc.

t said...


Phone Watch said...

its likewise an unquestionable requirement to protect your Blackberry's battery life. However much as could reasonably be expected, take a stab at calling as opposed to utilizing email or quick messages to reach your companions, peers, and/or gang. Messages and messages devour 4 times more power than a speedy telephone call.

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