Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spend it!

The other day, FashionTV was on and on about de Grisogono.  It's a luxury brand for fashion jewelry, heavy on goods for the rich and aspirational.  Their parties and PR material are fun to watch.  Enjoy.

FashionTV just now played Oliver Twist, by Nigerian musician D'Banj.  All I have to say is follow your dream.  D'Banj is doing that.

If you are not (yet) in dG spending mode, it's cool:  last week I took my old watches to a shop down the street and got cool new straps and batteries.  Way to bring them back to new, improved, life.  It's like being my own watch designer :)

Obviously, Nigeria is doing design right, with big and growing international fashion shows sharing our stuff to the world.  Not that we need the world's approval.  Nigerians are just that fashionable.

Who loves FashionTV? (and why)

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