Friday, December 28, 2012

Fixing the budget is easy if we BudgIT

At , IT firm BudgIT lets you click and cut sections of the budget and design your own version of the national budget.  Make sure you share the eye-catching graphs and charts. 

 As suggested in a previous post, we can allow staff of each ministry, department, or agency (MDA) make budget reviews - sent to a confidential address - and when the streamlining is implemented, staff get paid significantly more for saving us all money.  

One could imagine civil servants finally being able to report their thieving bosses, a finance officer revealing how much of the budget request is fictitious, speaking out to cut down excessive entitlements, and a small fraction of the recovered money going back to supplement the wages e.g. with a budget savings bonus. 

I will like to see the budget platform at broadened to allow agency-by-agency budget reviews for each budget item, and a robust, easy-to-use, whistle-blower platform e.g. lets you put in a written report with supporting images and documents.  Then of course, it should be flexible, so that other countries, states, companies, and entities can use it for transparent budgeting. 

Progress: In this land of "Nigerian time", it was amazing, great, that the 2013 budget was presented on time, in late 2012.
Next Goal: To have a more rational budget for 2014 that is aligned with our growth and development goals. 

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