Sunday, January 06, 2013

Smiling farmers

I like to think that Nigeria's Economic Vision is about smiling farmers like this Balinese guy, as opposed to wealth concentrated in the hands of very few.  Maybe very soon Nigerians can smile too while creating wealth from the abundance, and I mean, abundance, that God has given to Naija. 
Photo by David and Angie Sim.  See supermodel, abeg
While the government people are counting the Metric Tons of food (targeting 20 million additional MT by 2015, almost halfway there in 2012) and millions of jobs (targeting 3.5 million new jobs by 2015, already more than halfway there by 2012), I'll be counting the smiles on the faces of Nigerians. 
Minister of Agric. posing with rice.  See smile, abeg.

Send in your pics of smiling farmers - just post the URL in the comments.  Thanks. 
Nice smile, Tola, but you don't look like a farm worker.
 In other news, I'm still on the hunt to eat wheat-cassava bread, checked at UTC they said next week.  They had better!  My nutella is waiting. 


Folarin Kolawole said...

Awww...lovely...still have the dream to have my own farm sometimes later in my life...we've got such a blessed country.

t said...

wish you awesome luck with that, Folarin.

t said...

Finally! Eating cassava bread. I bought this artisanal/gourmet loaf yesterday at Shoprite. I was really excited to find a loaf labelled cassava bread - I don't know the percentage of cassava flour in it, but I like the taste. A little like potato bread but with a whiter colour and maybe a little different in taste. It's really a lot like white bread anyway.
I'm happy. Eating something special.

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