Saturday, February 09, 2013

Make it stopppp! How I unsubscribed from the pesky PM News Alert Service from Glo

I tried a few things in the past: "Unsubscribe", "Unsub", "Cancel", I even tried a web search on how to stop it, and tried typing in "Menu" or "Help" to get the correct codes for ending the messages.  They didn't work.  I got messages like, "Dear subscriber, sorry the command format is wrong.  Please check and try again."

I have no problem with the messages really, except that they claim to be taking money out of my "phone credit".   I get texts like, "Congratulations your Glo-PM news subscription has been successfully renewed ... for N25 only for the entire 7 days."

Just now, in a moment of inspiration, I replied to one of these messages with four characters: Stop (enter) and it worked.  Victory! 
Stop receiving unwanted texts from phone networks
It says: "You have just been unsubscribed from the PM News Alert Service.  To subscribe again, send news to 30367."    Next I'll see if what worked for 30367 also works for the other nagging codes from Glo: 7728 (caller tunes) and others.  Just type STOP. 

Any tips on how to stop unwanted messages from other networks? Please write in the comments. 


Zinno said...

Thanks a lot, the "STOP" message worked!!!

t said...

Aw menn, so happy to have been of service to somebody. Thank you Zinno, and thank you internet.

Anonymous said...

Tried the stop message twice now. Not working, it's so annoying because I never subscribed to it in the first place.

t said...

Sorry to hear this, Anonymous. You should dial their customer service and get the stop code and complain too. I think the NCC also accepts complaints of this nature.

Anonymous said...

Worked great. Thanks a lot. NCC ought to do more to stop this unethical and illegal practices.

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