Friday, October 19, 2018

More ways to chill, even in this crazy Lagos

From October 17 - 28, 2018, a lot of events to choose from (location: MUSON Center, Onikan)

Our Ranti is in Don Giovanni tonight, you better come.

Can you believe MUSON Center has social media handles?  I'm often annoyed how secret their events are lol.  Follow and to stay informed.

In a few years, I suppose, they'll have a good way of publicizing their programmes.  I think they may have season's passes and such already, not sure.
Then again, if you can afford upwards of 5k up-and-down for recreation in this Buhari economy, you're in the 1% lol.  Enjoy it.
No be your papa spoil Nigeria abeg.  Abi na your papa spoil...ok, no vex.

Enjoy your life - do it for the people.

Say MUSON hangouts are not your thing,
but really, you should try before you decide 
Say you're an alternative, COOL KID at heart? 
Check out, join, follow NothingToDoInLagos and hang out doing chill things like kayaking, yoga, picnics, and stuff.  You're welcome.

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Don't let your day job define you joo.
Check out the definitive guide to alté Lagos
"It’s Not the regular Lagos behavior and lifestyle which is permanently punctuated with Danfos, traffic, shouting, struggle, and sweat. It’s living the good baby girl/boy life. it’s composed of activities that the very regular average Lagosian isn’t concerned with or is too 
broke busy to participate in."  as in, we can not come and go and die, ooooshey.  

It seems our people actually invented the word:é
(cool kids, clap for yourselves)

Those that don't have time to waste like that, they just know they are looking for:
- connections slash networking, how to get this mo=N=ey
- wife slash husband, at least know which way they're facing
but the problem:
so far not so good with the wedding and club circuit,
family connection is not your style and don't even mention church,

OOOOK okay...
you know what they say - volunteer for something.  Keep doing what you love, shine at it, and you will attract what you want/need...

orrr just follow your stomach.
Wallahi, don't you see the sense in this?
Shey the whole point is to eat, so go straight for the food.

Kai, I am TOOOOO nice to you.

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How do YOU unwind?


alex Adenuga said...

Everything island.. 😄

alex Adenuga said...

Tosin for president

t said...

some things on Mainland lol, just ask google looool.

this our presidency thing eh :D

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