Thursday, November 10, 2005

the agent has an agent

an ad in craigslist attracts a response from this person whose client is interested, then an email from me to say call me
From: ???
To: me

My client was much impressed with the condition of your car,
He can't wait to see the car parked in his garage.Send pics
(interior and exterior) if any for my client's veiwing.
However,he would like to know your last price for onward
transaction immediately.
Have a wonderful day.

then i email all the pictures i have then
From: ???
To: me
Subject: shipping,and payment....

My client has finally accepted your price,he hopes the engine is
serviced and oil changed too .He cant wait to see the car parked
in his garage.
However,My client made out a certified cashiers check of($16,000)
before he travelled to japan on a business trip,for a previous car
and its shipment charges etc,but it was unfortunately sold.The
amount on the check he deposited for the car is bigger than what
should be paid to you now, so the check is now meant for the total
expenses which includes the purchase of your car,the pick up of the
car from its present location and the shipping charges/other necessary
shipping arrangements. However he has instructed us to carry on with
this transaction. So you're required to deduct the cost of your car
($9,000)and send the balance of($7,000) to my client via western union
money transfer to enable him offsett shipping charges/arrangements.
once the transaction is concluded,My agent will be coming for the pick
up of the car from its present location, on an open vehicle and then
drive to a pre paid shipper for shipment,and also conclude other
necessary shipping you dont have to bother yourself
about the pick up and shipping arrangements,while title papers and
other necessary documets will be sent by you via fedex courier to my

Please Confirm this and provide name,address and phone
number for check payment to be delivered to you via
fedex courier .
Thanks and God bless,

Hello ???:
Why does this sound just like one of the scams that everyone talks about?
Let's keep it simple - give me $9,000 or if you like give me $16,000 (I could really use the extra money) and the jeep will be available to you or your client.

Scam artists must have a very cruel sense of humour - not only does ??? (fake name withheld) want to steal my money and my car, it wants the added pleasure of having me run around like a fool to service and oil it first!


Busayo Michael Oluwagbemi said...

scam! yep...pure scam..keep ur car and money- madam T if you have extra kishi please send to account number is 419006660 (oh for real..u expect me to give it on here? call me.)lol be careful sister.

t said...

i hope we learn how to make it...

ah, i'll send the money to you, but first you have to send the money to me, along with some gifts, then i'll send you double the money. don't worry.

umc said...

Did I read the (scammer's) closing remark,

"Thanks and God bless"

The "God bless" made me smile somewhat :-)

Kunmi said...

damn, Naijas trying to scam a Naija. boogie. Have u seen catch me if u can? the part where di caprio's character wants to go downstairs to cash a home-made $1400 check so that he can pay his night guest (Jennifer Garner) the $1000 for her services. And then she says, "why don't I give you $400 and then you give me that $1400 check?" His response: "Even better."

t said...

I don't see any evidence that the writer is Naija.

Have not yet seen "Catch Me If You Can."
I keep trying to remember the title of a (very good, as I recall) novel on an international dupe. There was one episode in which she duped an emerald seller - I think she posed as a desperate prospective buyer and posing as somebody else she sold his emerald to him for tons more than it was worth; an episode in which she promised to literally help someone make money...The author was probably Sidney Sheldon.

Adedayo said...

Well T,

Thank God you were able to read in between the line and probably cos you are a are the sharper for it..but i dun believe the scammer must be a naija o!..
Thank God again..

t said...

November 16 2005 comment by t: "There was one episode in which she duped an emerald seller - I think she posed as a..."

I got the book title: IF TOMORROW COMES, by Sidney Sheldon.

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