Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Intro: new contributor

Thanks for the advertising, t. I'm also at Caltech, where I'm doing dissertation work on emissions and uptake of carbon dioxide in the air by plants and the oceans. My occasional musings on various environemnt-related matters can be read here. I've studied engineering too, and I manage the website of the campus chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World, which is working on several interesting projects. I'll post here when business and/or Africa topics suggest themselves. Cheers.

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t said...

Hi. Welcome.

Will you like to write an "About you" entry (mostly to grow the "about you" section - see left column of the blog page - and to keep that section relevant.) ; either by cutting and pasting this post, since it's a very nice introduction, or writing a fresh introduction...

Thanks for talking...I didn't even know you were an ESW webmaster until you wrote it here.

To other users: be not shy, write "about you"

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