Thursday, June 28, 2007

Teacher tribute

Our teachers have done so much to get us ahead in life, and I often feel at loss of word or gesture to say how much this has meant to me.
Post a comment to say thank you to a super-special teacher in your life.


umc said...

This is silly.I'm looking for my special teacher's name. How?
We never were in the same class or anywhere but he was my special teacher.Promise I'd find the name, I know where to find it, I'm just too far away from it right now; In the mean time, tribute to you teacher:)

Shola said...

Mrs Uwaifo -for that one singular phrase that changed the direction of my life.
"It takes a life fish to swin against the tide"

Thank you! Muchos Gracias

t said...

CSS: She said in that awesome accent of hers "You Are Good."
LAM: He was like having a grandpa.
And to dozens of others, some deceased, most alive, each very special...Thank You.

t said...

No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you. - Althea Gibson

Michelle Ughanze said...

I have 3 and they were all my English teachers.

I want to say A REALLY REALLY BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Togunnu Bickersteth, Mrs Onyewadume and Mrs. Akinsanmi.

To Mrs Bickersteth for staying at me to say the words right. To Mrs. Onyewadume for all the hours she put into the plays for us and for letting me use her house in Jss 2 to study for Integrated Science. And to Mrs Akinsanmi for calling me aside to tell me that i had talent and could improve myself.

I am where I am today because of them.

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