Saturday, June 02, 2007

Gold in farming.

Agriculture, business development, retirement planning, it's all in this interview.
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Reminds me of Alexei (the husband) in Anna Karenina.


Adenike Oke said...

Hi Tosin,

My name is Adenike Oke and i am a program manager with the Nigeria Leadership Initiative and international NGO with the goal of promoting values based leadership. Your name came up as a nomination for our Inaugural Future Leaders Program early in July but we had not direct contact info you for. Thanks to the internet, i found your blog. Please visit our website and email me so that i can send you a formal invitation letter. I would love to hear from you as soon as possible as the invitation closes this week. P.S. i was your roomate in Idia Hall, UI when you were there for a brief spell with Dayo in B Block. Small world abi., Look forward to your email

t said...

NLI was wonderful. You can nominate somebody at for the next seminar.

Thanks, Nike, so much. I'm reading your 2006 interview here.

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